Printing cost calculator

I decided to create a small tool to calculate the exact cost to print user-entered text onto a standard sheet of paper, so, here it is.

Steps to create + assumptions:

  • 1) Tally up # of pixels used in each letter, modifying code I found from a post covering which letters take up the most space. I am using the super aesthetic new kid on the block, Times New Roman, and 12pt font for this tool.
  • 2) Add cost of ink (black) - about $0.03/page
  • 3) Add cost of paper (standard, 8.5"x11" white) - about $0.02/page
  • 4) Add cost of electricity - negligable
  • 5) Add cost of the printer, smoothed over its expected life - about 5% of total printing cost, so gave costs mentioned above a 5% uplift
  • 6) Determine the # of pixels per page - about 8.5 million
  • 7) Bring it all home, add up total costs per page in 2,3,5 (about $0.05) and divide by total pixels in page to get the cost per pixel printed - an astounding $0.000000006738 per pixel

Now, of course the assumptions above are pretty ballpark (I'm excluding non-letter characters here, for example), but hopefully you find some amusement from the tool I created below nonetheless. You can type or paste your text in and hit 'get costs' to see the total cost to print the text.

Printing cost calculator:

output format --> letter: $cost -- # of characters