Exponential decay of caffeine for popular beverages

As many may already know, caffeine stays in our system for quite some time after consumption; in fact, it leaves the body at a rate of ~11% per hour, giving it a half life of ~6 hours (#s vary slightly depending on genetics, body mass, tolerance, etc). In other words, if you drink a cup of coffee with 140 mg of caffeine at 11am, you'll still have 70mg of caffeine remaining around 5pm.

I was curious to see just how long different drinks keep us caffeinated, so I created a tool to show the caffeine remaining by hour for various popular beverages (assuming an 8oz serving size):

Select beverage to see how long the caffeine stays in your system

Caffeine and half-life for popular beverages

Beverage Caffeine (8 oz serving) Caffeine remaining 6 hours after ingestion
Dark chocolate9648
Ben & Jerry's Coffee Fudge Frozen Yogurt8442
Red Bull7839
Mountain Dew3618
Coca Cola3015
Dr. Pepper2814
Sunkist Orange2613
Snapple Flavored Teas (Reg. or Diet)2010
Barq's Root Beer168
Tea, green147
Hot cocoa147
Coffee, Decaf, brewed42