How much free time do you have?

I made a quick tool (for no real reason) to calculate and visualize 'free time' based on the selection of criteria shown below. Replace my responses with yours, and hit 'run' to see how much free time you have.

This helps put into perspective sensitivity to things like working hours, commute, etc and how those factors stack up into a big time sink over long periods.


Hours per week spent:


Free hours per week:

Percent of week free:

Free years remaining:

Busy years remaining:

Free years left

Busy years left

Breakdown by activity:


  • Assumes avg. life expectancy of 79. Live longer -> get more time :)
  • Assumes you maintain the above activities consistently throughout your life, which is of course unrealistic, but directionally gives you a sense of things.
  • If you retire at 60 after from working 40 hour weeks you would gain an extra ~5 years of free time.